AURA Analysis

Using advanced technologies and ideas from quantum physics and frequences, the Aura Analysis helps us to understand and change our energy.

 Sessions will take place on ZOOM

The Aura is like an energetic field that surrounds us. 

It gives us the information about our emotions, thoughts, spirituality and general energy.

It has special qualities like colour, brightness, shape and clarity. 

It’s the energy system of a person and consists of seven chakras and seven bodies that absorb different types of energy at different levels.

It connects with environment and exchanges energy and information with other fields.

We know that FREQUENCIES are the language in which cells communicate and many dysfunctions can be resolved with each person’s specific intensities and frequencies.


In the past, it was hard to detect and understands auras, requiring special training and sensivity.

But now, there is a device called HEALY RESONANCE that has changed things which can accurately analyses auras and helps us understanding our energy better.

       This is important because our energy affects how we feel.


  • remove energy blockages
  • analyze the programming, patterns or beliefs
  • balance our energy centers (chakras)
  • make our aura stronger.

”The future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

Albert Einstein

How we proceed

Using thes program, anybody can dissolve own limitations, rebalance own chakras and make 

aura more stronger.

I liked that everything was clearly explained, pragmatic, focused on solutions, without blah blah.

It confirms my ideas, brings attention to them and I will no longer dissipate my energy in all directions. Very useful. It helped me a lot.

Elena L.

For me, the session was very enlightening. Along with other processes I’m going through, it gave me a huge leap and was the point that unlocked a period of confusion and stagnation. It was very helpful for me to see what my deepest beliefs are, what is mine and what I have taken over, what my energy level is and where it is wasted. I want to work together further.

Adriana Lupei

It became more clear for me exactly what was stressing me. I am relaxed after the session with you. I don’t have a headache anymore!!!!

I have a feeling of “Now I don’t care anymore” and it’s very good, that I don’t burden myself with all the nonsense anymore.

I want to continue the sessions.

Diana D.

The session with you made me see clearly, that I have everything I need to do what I want. Motivation has increased! I saw that I had no excuses. You have shown me that I am so well energized that I can finish the dissertation that has been put off for so long.

Ana Enaștescu

Clarity, understanding – it was revealed to me exactly what was stressing me.

Very relevant, especially the part related to what concrete actions I can do!!!

Thank you so much. 

Nicoleta D.

I am more confident now. It is clear for me what I have to do (the small steps). The whole experience has shown me that I know myself pretty well and I enjoy it, I am glad to be confirmed that I am doing the right things. I am on the right track!

Beatrice Z.

I am more confident now. It is clear to me what I have to do (small steps). The whole experience has shown me that I am aware of myself and enjoy more. I’m glad to have the confirmation that I’m doing the right thing. I’m on the right track

Beatrix Z.

You have lit many paths for me.

I came back to myself; as if I had been asleep until now and woke up in myself.

Alina P.

Aura’s analysis made me give up the illusions related to “comfortable”. I know what I have to do, from now on. I also really enjoyed your energy and voice, your warmth and sincerity. I felt like we had known each other for a long time.

Andra S.

I told to all my girlfriends how wonderful you are and how revealing and clarifying, with many confirmations, cames the tool you wield with such professionalism. 

I had doubts whether to start working with my clients, but now I had no doubts. And, at teh first call I had 6 registrations for my first workshop, then in less than a week I had 14!!!! WOW, that’s all I can say: WOW! And I’m not easily impressed by things like that. I recommend you with all my heart, further. Thank you

Ana Cristina Răduță


About me

I am a pragmatic person and I suggest that my clients experiment and decide what is best for each of them.

I use humor, enthusiasm and spiritual warmth to convey information.

I find simple solutions to complicated problems.

I use methods to increase self-confidence and well-being when clients are going through changes.

I am ready to help, to finding options for particular situations.

I have been working with Millennials since 2013.

Training and specializations in:

  • Coaching – International Coaching Federation and Metasysteme School of Coaching – Alain Cardon, France plus Erickson International (on going)
  • Tranzacțional Analysis – Julie Hay FCIPD, UK
  • Neuro-lingvistic Programing – Jonathan Altfeld, USA
  • Instructional Design – Olimpia Meșa
  • Purpose Driven Leadership – Graham Bird, Oxford
  • Organizational Development – Mike Miles, Canada
  • and a lot more… Other courses on different topics. The truth is, I love to learn and share it!


  If you need more information, I will be happy to   answer.

Whatsapp:  +(40) 722 509 814